Info element test page

From the XSPF spec (section
URL of a place where this resource can be bought or more info can be found.

How to use

xspf playlist:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<playlist version="0" xmlns = "">
	<title>Test Playlist</title>
			<annotation>Hard Place - Demographic</annotation>
			<annotation>Prozak For Lovers - Love Will Tear Us Apart(Sample)</annotation>

player parameter (html):

info_button_text=Artist Website
info_button_text=Add to Cart
info_button_text=Buy Album

Test 1

Slim player, playlist tracks 1 and 2 have info, track 3 dont.
info_button_text=Artist Info (displayed on mouseover in the little button on the right when present)

Test 2

Extended player, all tracks have info.
info_button_text=Add to Cart (displayed on a button below the album cover when present)